Questions to Ask Before Calling a Plumber in Joplin MO

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Plumbing

Plumbing leaks are a hassle, but in most cases, they don’t occur without warning. However, if it’s an older home, or if maintenance has been delayed, the following suggestions may save the household from a plumbing disaster. Below are a few questions to answer before calling a Plumber in Joplin MO.

Are There Drips, Leaks, or Diminished Water Flow?

If there’s a persistent drip, it may indicate the need for fixture or faucet replacement. A slow kitchen faucet may have a clogged aerator, and shower heads often become coated with mineral deposits as well. Most of these problems are easy to resolve, but if the owner would rather not handle even a minor fix, a plumber will provide prompt, professional service.

Is There Buildup and Staining on Fixtures?

Water quality varies depending on additives and trace minerals. If there’s any staining on faucets or fixtures, or if there’s a brown, green, or white buildup on them, the same sort of problem may exist in the pipes. When these problems arise, or if metal fixtures become pitted, it’s best to have a plumber check the pipes and install a purification system.

Rattling Hose Bibs

Most homes have at least one outdoor spigot, and many have more than one. Although modern spigots have controls that reduce the need for winter wrapping, it’s important to disconnect hoses before then. During the spring and summer, check regularly for loose fittings and get them repaired if needed. A defective hose bib may cause a leak inside the wall, and if there are problems, the homeowner should call a Plumber in Joplin MO immediately.

Where’s the Shutoff Valve?

If there isn’t one inside the home, consider having a shutoff valve installed. Be sure that every family member knows where it is and how to use it. The faster the water is turned off, the less serious the damage will be and the less expensive it will be to fix.

While it’s not possible to prevent every plumbing problem, homeowners should still learn the symptoms of an impending issue. Visit to find a reliable plumber before there’s an emergency.

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