Situations in Which to Call for a Drain Cleaning Service

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Plumbing

Plumbing is separated into two major functions. One side of the piping carries the water to the intended areas. The other side of the piping ferries the waste from the drains into the septic system. It is the drainage system which picks up the dirt, hair, and other items which get flushed down. Periodically, the drains need to be cleaned to keep the flowing. This is when to call in a cleaning service.

Call in a Drain Cleaning Service when there are smells emitting from the drains. Dirt and hair getting caught in the piping turns can also trap odors. These odors can be released back into the home. Unfortunately, the only way to remove them is by flushing them out of the drainage piping. Cover-up scents are only a temporary solution to this particular problem.

Sometimes, items which are not supposed to go down drains can wind up in the piping. Many of these items are not dissolved with drain cleaners. This is because drain cleaners are only designed to dissolve hair, dirt or grease. They can’t handle plastic, glass or anything else getting stuck in the drain. Physical removal of these items is necessary because they will eventually lead to clogged drain lines which can cause backups to occur.

The Drain Cleaning Service should also be called in when the system has been under heavy stress. Parties, an increase in family members or long-term visitors can impact the cleanliness of the drains. This may slow down how fast the water drains out. Backups may also become more frequent in nature. The drains may not be adequately keeping up with demand. Drains quickly become clogged with all of the extra items flowing down it. If there have already been problems, these conditions can worsen under all of the extra waste.

Cleaning the drain on a regular basis will help with smells, slow drainage or system backups. The process will clear any of the contaminates which get stuck in the multiple turns of piping. Keeping drains clear will also help to prolong the life of pipes. For more information on getting this service, check out

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