A Plumber in Daytona Beach, FL Boosts Home Satisfaction With Upgrades

by | Oct 27, 2023 | Plumber

Someone who buys a home constructed before the 1960s might want to schedule some upgrades to the plumbing if this has never been done. Older plumbing could contain lead or be made of cast iron, and there may be a full bath with only a tub and no shower. A plumber in Daytona Beach FL can complete renovation projects to make the home safer and more convenient.

Lead Removal

Plumbing in older homes often contains lead. That material had been used in plumbing for centuries because it’s flexible and resistant to developing even the tiniest leaks. Unfortunately, if lead leaches into the drinking water, it can be a significant health risk. Young children are especially vulnerable. Plumbers remove those pipes and replace them with plastic or copper versions.

Cast Iron Replacement

Cast iron pipes were commonly used for drainage in older homes. These devices can corrode over time, which may result in blockages and leaks. A plumber in Daytona Beach FL can upgrade the pipes to prevent these potential problems.

Adding a Shower

Many older homes without plumbing upgrades have a bathroom with a tub but no shower. It’s fairly easy to rig up a shower hose and head connected to the tub spout, but not everyone likes this option. Having a plumber add a mounted showerhead to the bathtub area enhances functionality and convenience, and it looks more streamlined than the other option. Plumbers also can remove the tub and install a standalone shower for homeowners who prefer this feature.

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