A Quick Guide to Toilet Installation in Hazlet NJ

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Plumbing

Although all homes have toilets, they’re not all the same. They can vary widely in size, color, style, and height, depending on the homeowner’s needs and preferences. Having toilet installation done can be part of the new home construction, or it may be part of a bathroom remodeling job. No matter which type of project is being undertaken, having an idea of the costs of Toilet Installation in Hazlet NJ will help homeowners plan and budget more effectively.

The Average Cost of Toilet Installation

Actual costs vary depending on the nature of the job and the home’s location, but the average cost to replace a toilet ranges from $80 to $1600. However, most homeowners spend roughly $400. Consult a local installer to get pricing information for a particular job.

Drain Pipe Installation

During new home construction, the first part of a toilet installation is the insertion of the drain pipe. Even a handy homeowner shouldn’t tackle this job, but a plumbing professional can. Drain pipe installation involves specialized tools, and while the hardware and materials are minimal, even an experienced plumber may require a substantial amount of time to do the job.

Moving an Existing Drain Pipe

In some renovations, the bathroom’s layout can change, moving the toilet to the other side of the room. This can be difficult as the drain pipe must also be relocated. Relocating a drain pipe can take longer than installing one from scratch, as the old pipe must be closed and a new opening must be made before the toilet is connected.

Old Toilet Removal

When a homeowner is getting a new toilet in a current bathroom, the old toilet must first be removed. In some instances, the company that installs the new toilet can remove the old one at an additional cost.

New Toilet Installation

Once the drain pipe has been installed, and the old toilet is gone, the homeowner can start the installation of the new toilet. A standard toilet in a common color can cost less than $200, but upgrades can push the price higher.

Whether starting from scratch or updating an existing home, new Toilet Installation in Hazlet NJ is a common home improvement project. Interested homeowners should contact us, and they’ll get a plumber with a great reputation and proper insurance.

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