Advantages of Gas Fireplaces in Bel Air MD Compared With Wood Heat

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Plumbing

A person with a house in the Bel Air region of Maryland doesn’t live in the coldest climate the country includes, but still has a need for home heating several months of the year. In an effort to cut costs, some homeowners turn to wood stoves, but not everyone is willing to put up with the mess and inconvenience. A suitable alternative is gas fireplaces in Bel Air MD which provide the ambiance of warm flames in a room and cozy heat without the hassle. Burning wood also has the disadvantage of adding particulates to the air and contributing to air pollution. This can become very noticeable on winter days with no breeze.

Gas Fireplaces in Bel Air MD provide warmth in a specific part of the house; they commonly are installed in a central area so they can keep a few rooms comfy while the thermostat is turned down for the rest of the building. As opposed to a traditional wood fireplace, they are substantially more efficient. Wood fireplaces are known for providing heat only to a small part of the house while allowing much of the home’s heat to escape out the chimney.

In addition, wood fireplaces tend to spew a large amount of particulates through the chimney as compared with wood stoves because they burn so hot. People can expect a wood stove fire to last for many hours without adding new wood; the same cannot be said for a fireplace. There’s also the matter of breathing in a certain amount of wood smoke to consider, as some smoke will inevitably enter the room. That smoke also gradually makes window treatments as well as fabric furniture and wall hangings dirty.

These gas fireplaces also have more options for venting than wood heat sources do, and homeowners have the option of choosing different levels of efficiency depending on what they can afford. Of course, it’s always best to choose the most energy-efficient model on the market. A company such as Business Name offers diverse services and can show homeowners the various products available. A representative can provide pricing for the fireplace plus installation.

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