Avoid Home and Lawn Damage Using a Superior Emergency Plumbing Service in Philadelphia

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Plumbing

Most homeowners know very little about the plumbing in their home except that a clog can create a very nasty mess or that a leak can ruin the walls and floors. Unfortunately, these are the types of problems that require immediate Emergency Plumbing Service in Philadelphia. Consider the case of a leaking pipe. This particular fault can have numerous causes from a crack in the pipe wall to a faulty joint seal. Thankfully, most leaks leave some visual sign even when the leak isn’t easily seen. This is usually a puddle on the floor, but it could also be water stains in the drywall or soaked carpeting.

There are times when a leak exists, but the homeowner has no knowledge of it. These types of leaks can be hidden in the walls or beneath foundations. The latter method of installation is not as popular as it once was because the majority of repairs on these pipes can get rather expensive. Most plumbing is now installed by a connection placed through the wall. This allows routing the pipes through any other walls or on to the next level if required.

The other aspect of plumbing is the sewage system. Emergency Plumbing Service in Philadelphia for this side of the pipes usually involves eliminating clogs, but broken sewer lines may also need quick repairs. Clogs in the drain system can occur in several places, but the most common are the P-traps and the main sewage line. P-traps are those odd shaped pieces of pipe placed close to the drain. They function as a stopgap measure that blocks most sewage odors from entering through the drain.

Clogs in the main sewer pipe may have several causes. That is, the pipe may be blocked by waste solids, or there might be roots growing in the pipe. Another possibility is damage from a heavy vehicle driving over the pipe. Either of the last two possibilities may result in sewage leaking into the lawn. This occurs with root problems because roots continue to grow, and this causes their point of entry to expand. This may be a crack in the pipe or a loose joint. If the pipe has been crushed or broken but is open on the end, then sewage could flood the soil every time the toilet is flushed. Visit City Plumbing and learn how to tackle these types of concerns.

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