Common and Relatively Minor Problems to Be Fixed by Plumbing Contractors in Portland, OR

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Plumbing

When people buy a house, they may discover some relatively minor plumbing-related problems after they move in. Some of the sink drains or a shower drain might be sluggish, for example. The tap water might have too much-dissolved mineral content for their liking, or they may simply not care for the taste of the municipal water supply. One of the toilets might occasionally keep running after being flushed, requiring someone to jiggle the handle. Plumbing Contractors in Portland OR can resolve all of these problems.

Plumbing Contractors Are Ready

With the right tools and skills, nearly anyone could fix these problems. Not everyone has the equipment on hand, however, and may have no interest in spending time learning some basic plumbing techniques. Plumbing Contractors in Portland OR are ready to clear stubborn clogs from drains, install a water softener to drastically reduce mineral content, and replace the toilet tank apparatus that can wear out and cause the water to keep draining and refilling. A water filtration system eliminates substances that can affect flavor.

Drain Blockages

Mechanical snakes are used in floor drains to break up clogs and cut tree roots that have invaded the system. With drains in sinks, tubs and showers, a plumber is likely to take the pipes apart underneath and manually remove the materials causing the slow flow of water from the drain. Over time, blockages can gradually develop that consist of hair, lint, and oily substances.

People commonly struggle with drain blockages before deciding to call a company such as Clog Busters LLC for assistance. When they don’t take the pipes apart, the clog usually is never entirely cleared away. That’s a regular problem with drain cleaners purchased from retail stores. Some of the material is broken up and washed away, but some of it remains along the sides of the pipe.

Leaky Toilet Tanks

It’s also common to just live with a running toilet tank for a long time. However, the leaky tank can waste hundreds of gallons of water over time, and the need to jiggle the handle after a few minutes is a distinct inconvenience in the middle of the night. Visit the website to learn more about one particular plumbing company.

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