Common Plumbing Issues for Atlanta Homeowners

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Plumbing

There is often a learning curve that comes along with owning your first home, and there are some things that even longtime homeowners can’t do alone. For example, plumbing issues often require the attention of service professionals. The following are some of the most common issues with plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Fixtures Are Faulty

Plumbing fixtures are devices attached to the plumbing system and are used to deliver water. These fixtures include toilets, showers, sinks, bathtubs, and bidets. If your faucets are dripping or the toilet is constantly running, it may be time to replace the inner workings of your fixtures.

The Water Heater Is Not Working

Your water heater tank heats the water for the home and also stores it until it’s ready to use. Issues with the water heater are immediately obvious because your shower will stop producing hot water. Other clues may be strange noises coming from the heater or puddles of water near the tank. Home redesign is the cause of many issues with plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond. If you’ve recently installed a bigger bathtub or high-powered shower head, your old hot water tank may now be too small for the job.

The Sewer Line Is Clogged

When your sewer line becomes clogged, this usually means that a joint, seal or pipe has broken somewhere. When this happens, tree roots begin to grow into the line eventually blocking the water and waste. In these cases, it’s usually best to have the entire line replaced rather than trying to remove the tree roots. Patching the line is a short-term solution that will most likely have to be repeated when tree roots once again grow inside and cause blockages.

These are just a few of the common issues with plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia. If you need help or guidance with any of these problems, it’s always a good idea to consult a professional plumber. Click here to visit the website of RooterPlus.

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