Filters: What They Mean for the Proper Maintenance of Residential HVAC in Tucson, AZ

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Plumbing

After spending a significant amount of money on a new residential HVAC in Tucson AZ, the owner would do well to learn how to take proper care of the new system. The right amount of maintenance and upkeep will add years of performance to the unit and make it possible to enjoy greater returns on that original investment. Here are some tips about filters that will make it easier to ensure the system lasts for a long time.

Use the Right Filters

The manufacturer provided specifications for the types of filters to use with the new Residential HVAC in Tucson AZ. Those recommended filters do tend to be costly. At times, the homeowner is tempted to forget about those specifications and pick up those inexpensive filters found at the local home supply store.

While this may seem like a prudent financial move, the day will come when the owner regrets the decision. Those less expensive filters don’t provide the same level of efficiency as the ones recommended by the manufacturer. The result is more dust and contaminants get into the system and create more wear and tear. A better choice is to buy the right filters and keep the system cleaner.

Changing the Filters on Time

Some homeowners are tempted to cut corners by not changing the filters when the time comes. At first glance, it may not seem like a big deal to wait a couple of extra weeks before removing the old filter and putting a new one in position. While that would mean having to buy fewer filters each year, it also means more contaminants in the air and in the system. Replacing the filters on time is good for the family and certainly good for the heating and cooling system.

If there is any doubt about the type of filter to use, Contact us today and arrange for a professional to inspect the system. After taking a look, it will be easy to determine if the client is currently using an effective filter or if there is the need to make a change. The professional can also inspect the unit and determine if any type of maintenance and repairs are needed at present. With professional help, there’s no reason the system can’t last for many more years.

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