Get Professional Drain Cleaning Services to Keep the Water Flowing

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Plumbing

During the fall and summer months, consider cleaning the drains in your home or hiring a professional company that can perform the service. Keeping your drains clean can help to maintain the drains, preventing clogs from forming as quickly and corrosion that can damage the structure of your pipes. There are a few tips about drain cleaning services in Leominster, MA, that companies can provide if you want to try to complete the work on your own.

What Not to Put in Your Drain

Avoid putting oil and grease down your drains. Although these products might be liquids at first, they can easily congeal and turn into a solid mass that can make it difficult for water to flow through your pipes. If you accidentally pour these liquids down your drains, you need to run hot water behind them for a few minutes to ensure that the oil and grease flow through until they get to the septic tank.

Straining Debris

A strainer can be installed to collect debris that is disposed of in the sink since only water and proper waste products should flow through the pipes of your home to the septic tank. Drain cleaning services in Leominster, MA, can include larger strainers that are placed in the drainage system in your home. This design can ensure that any larger pieces of debris that somehow get into the system don’t flow through the pipes. If you notice any issues with draining, then you can contact the company to check the strainer.

Household Tools

There are a few items that you want to keep on hand for clogs and other issues that might arise. A plunger is essential, especially for the toilet. Keep a snake on hand to push debris through the drain or to remove clogs that are near the opening of the drain. If you don’t want to invest in professional tools, then keep a few wire hangars on hand that you can bend to help deal with clogs that are smaller.

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