Hiring a Plumbing Contractor? Steer Clear of These 4 Mistakes

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Plumbing

Hiring the wrong plumber could lead to more problems. If you don’t want to end up with your pipes in worse shape, you’ll want to be wise about hiring a plumbing contractor in Sicklerville NJ. Be sure to steer clear of these mistakes:

Not trusting your instincts
If you feel like there’s something off about the contractor in any way—if he has a lascivious gleam in his eyes for your electronics or furniture—don’t dismiss that. It might be better to hire someone else. It’s a gut feel kind of thing.

Not checking the basics
Before you get someone on board, be sure to take a gander at the basics. Are they bonded and insured? If someone gets hurt and they turn out to be uninsured, you’d end up liable for those costs. Request for a copy of their insurance. Also, don’t just check their license. Make sure they’re licensed to work in your area, says Popular Mechanics, to cover all your bases.

Not asking about their experience
A plumber who mainly works on home plumbing systems might not have the experience to deal with commercial ones. Before he takes apart your plumbing system, be sure the plumbing contractor in Sicklerville NJ you hire has plenty of experience with the kind of system you have. The last thing you want is to invest in an expensive one, only for a plumber to damage it beyond repair.

Not going with a detailed contract
A contract isn’t just a document you sign and consign to oblivion. Be thorough with the details. Put in everything you talked about and agreed to, from estimates and costs to start and end dates and more. This way, they’ll be no surprises. Both sides can refer to the contract to ensure everything is right on track.

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