No Dig Sewer Repairs Are Your Best Option

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Plumbing

No dig sewer repairs help you avoid the high costs and disturbance associated with traditional sewer repair. Traditional repair methods require long trenches to be dug through your yard, destroying landscaping and gardens that you worked hard to cultivate. You may even need to fix your driveway and other structures if you use traditional repair services.

No, dig sewer repairs dramatically reduce the damage and disruption associated with this kind of service and save you a great deal of money in the process. Traditional trenching forces you to pay the high cost of digging up the street in front of your building. You may even be required to pay for the rerouting of traffic and any repairs needed to city-owned property. At the end of the day, you may owe $20,000 or more with traditional repairs.


Most homeowners are unaware of no dig sewer repairs, but they have been around for over a decade. This option has steadily gained popularity, but there is still not enough recognition of this amazing alternative. Pipe lining and pipe bursting are among the most common types of trenchless sewer line replacement and repair.

Pipe Liner

A pipe liner is a flexible tube coated with a resin that is either blown or pulled into a damaged pipe and then inflated. Afterward, the resin will harden, creating a sort of pipe within a pipe that is both corrosion-resistant and free of joints. This will reduce the diameter of the pipe, but this will in no way reduce the capacity of your system to remove waste.

If you experience a problem with your underground piping, you need not pay the enormous cost to have the entire area trenched. Instead, consider this option to save time, money and frustration. You deserve the chance to have your repairs done without all of the hassle and anxiety involved with traditional repairs. For more information visit website You can follow them on Twitter.

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