Preventive Strategies to Avoid Needing an Emergency Plumber in Westchester NY

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Plumbing

People do all sorts of things that can lead to a need for a Plumber in Westchester NY. Treating the plumbing system more respectfully can help everyone prevent a need for expensive repair work and the inconvenience that comes from plumbing malfunctions.

For example, it’s best not to flush anything but toilet paper and organic waste down toilets. Yet people commonly flush items such as tampons, hair from the shower strainer, and sanitary wipes. That can eventually lead to a sewer backup and the need for a Plumber in Westchester NY to clear out the sewer pipe.

Drains also can slow up and become totally clogged when people are careless about what they allow going into the pipe. Not using a hair strainer in the shower or bathtub, for example, can lead to problems. Pouring grease into a kitchen sink drain can lead to that grease solidifying inside the pipe.

A simple and seemingly harmless action such as using an exposed plumbing pipe for a laundry hanger can gradually cause the pipe to come loose and leak water into the room. Buying an affordable laundry rack to put up near the washing machine and dryer is a smarter choice.

Before winter, it’s essential to remove garden hoses from outdoor spigots. Otherwise, water inside the hose will freeze, backing the ice up into the faucet and the pipes. The faucet and the pipes both can crack under the pressure.

Adding foam insulation around pipes in a crawl space prevents frozen pipes. If the temperatures drop well below zero, however, this may not be enough to avoid the problem. Electrical tape attached to the pipes can be turned on when the weather turns bitterly cold.

A service such as Cassidy Plumbing Inc. is ready to respond if a plumbing emergency does occur. The skilled workers also can help homeowners with general repair and replacement tasks such as installing a different faucet, fixing a leaky pipe under a sink and replacing the interior parts of a toilet tank. If sewer backup occurs every year or two even when everyone is conscientious about what they flush, having a plumber do annual root clearing prevents the hassle. Visit the website for details.

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