Professional Plumbing Service in Palm Springs CA for a Combination Chicken Coop and Garden Shed

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Plumbing

More city dwellers than ever before are raising chickens in the backyard. Zoning codes and neighborhood regulations specify a maximum number of the birds that are allowed in certain areas or per size of the lot. Getting started is a big undertaking, with many factors to consider. Hiring a Plumbing Service in Palm Springs CA to add some features to the coop makes the endeavor more convenient.

The Secure Shed

A secure place for the birds to spend their sleeping time is crucial since they are normally so vulnerable to predators. Many chicken coops advertised online and sold in big box stores are not able to withstand the cunning persistence of animals like foxes, coyotes and even neighborhood dogs. Foxes and coyotes are routinely spotted around neighborhoods on the edge of the urban area. With a frame-built combination garden shed and coop, the property owner goes a long way toward preventing the loss of birds to predators.

Plumbing Features in the Coop

A coop with a utility sink and faucet is ideal, as this prevents the need to lug heavy garden hoses around. Chicken owners in this part of the country are fortunate not to have to worry about plumbing pipes freezing, making the utility sink and plumbing pipes a simpler project because pipes don’t have to be buried relatively deep underground.

This type of coop design is a building somewhat bigger than a standard garden shed, with the chickens in a separate compartment from the sink area. A contractor providing Plumbing Service in Palm Springs CA can hook up the plumbing to the home’s water supply, allowing for a faucet inside the shed and a spigot on the exterior. This makes it easier to clean up after the birds and provide them with fresh water.

Additional Uses

That faucet and sink, as installed by a contractor such as All Seasons Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Heating Inc., can be used for other projects as well. Many people use the garden shed frequently as a place for storing supplies and for cleaning off various tools. The extra spigot offers an extra source for outdoor watering of flower and vegetable gardens.

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