Should Homeowners Call Plumbers in Ennis TX For Drain Clogs?

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Plumbing

The kitchen plumbing worked fine yesterday. In fact, the homeowner put in a load of laundry just before doing the dishes and there was no problem with the plumbing. Today, water is backing up in the sink. While the owner could try an over the counter product, it makes sense to call a Plumbers Ennis TX and find out what is going on. Here are some reasons why this approach makes sense.

Clogging and Older Plumbing Systems

The home was built in the middle 20th century and included washer and dryer connections in the kitchen. One of the more common plumbing techniques of the time included the use of a Wye or Y joint to run the water from the washing machine on a line shared with the kitchen sink. For the most part, that worked just fine, but it did increase the possibility of clogs developing.

The current problem could be that the collection of residue in that Y joint has led to a clog. Given the location, attempting to loosen it with a plunger or dissolve it using some type of drain cleaner will meet with little success. By contrast, one of the Plumbers In Ennis TX can use a plumbing auger, also known as a plumber’s snake, to reach the clog, and extract most of it with ease. Once the main portion is removed, it will be easier to flush the residue out of the pipes and into the city sewage system.

Avoiding Damage to the Pipes

The homeowner can readily see what type of pipes are used under the sink, but what happens to be running through the walls is another matter. The only exception is when the current owner has replaced the entire system over the last few years. This means that while over the counter products may be fine for some of the system components, they would damage other parts.

A professional plumber knows how to evaluate all the lines involved and use methods that will not cause additional damage. The result is a system that lasts for more years before any serious repair work must take place.

For any homeowner dealing with a clogged drain, visit the website and arrange for a professional from Direct Service to assess the problem. There is a good chance the clog will be history in a half-hour or less.

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