Signs That It’s Time to Call for Prompt Plumbing Repair in Manchester NH

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Plumbing

Sometimes Plumbing Repair in Manchester NH can be delayed, but certain symptoms let a person know it’s time to call for fast service. They are signs of an impending breakdown in the system or a backup. These signs aren’t always obvious, unfortunately, so learning about them before they begin can be advantageous for preventing an aggravating situation.

No Water in Winter

In the winter in this type of climate, plumbing pipes can freeze. Bitterly cold weather can cause this problem with pipes in crawlspaces and against walls with no insulation in cabinetry. The telltale sign is water that is only drizzling through the taps or not coming through at all. One of the household residents should call a plumber immediately. If a pipe breaks, this turns into a much bigger and more expensive problem.

Hidden Drips and a High Water Bill

Prompt Plumbing Repair in Manchester NH should be called for if the home receives an unusually high water bill with no increase in the charge for usage. That’s a sign there is a hidden leak in the system, which could be in a pipe between walls. Left unattended, that water can do substantial damage to the structure. Another sign of a hidden leak is being able to hear dripping somewhere in the house but not being able to find the source.

Water Around the Floor Drain

A little bit of soapy water around the basement floor drain may not seem like cause for alarm, but it’s a sign that the rinse water from the washing machine wasn’t able to move through the sewer pipe quickly enough. The next thing to happen might be a sewer backup flooding the basement floor after somebody flushes the toilet.

A Slow Sink Drain

A slow sink drain in the kitchen or bathroom can be ignored for a while, but it will gradually get worse. If plunging and using solutions like vinegar mixed with baking soda aren’t effective, calling a plumber such as Harry W. Wells & Son is the next step. Otherwise, the drain will eventually stop working altogether, leaving a puddle of dirty water in the sink. Browse the site for information on this particular plumber.

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