Things Your Plumber Advises You Never Flush

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Plumbing

As kids, many people are taught certain things don’t go in the toilet. As an adult, logic says anything that can be physically flushed is safe. The best plumber in Saskatoon, SK, will disagree. There are certain things you should never flush. Here are a few.

Greasy Remnants of Dinner

While it seems like a natural choice to flush a fluid down the toilet, some fluids are among the worst things you can flush. When you flush greasy food products, it congeals and hardens. Over time, you eventually have an issue with a clogged toilet. The toilet isn’t like the kitchen sink where you can run hot water through it. Toilet water is cold.

Bathroom Wipes and Paper Towels

The best plumber in Saskatoon, SK, tells you it’s perfectly safe to flush toilet paper so wipes and paper towels should be fine, right? False. Although many adult and baby wipe products say they are flushable, they aren’t designed to break down in water like toilet paper is. The same reasoning applies to paper towels. This is evidenced by the way toilet paper breaks apart when it’s saturated with liquids, while the wipes and towels still keep their shape.

Kitty Litter

The rationale behind flushing kitty litter is apparent; it’s a waste product. Cat litter is made mostly from clay and sand. The best plumber in Saskatoon, SK, will tell you both of these can be damaging to your septic system. The water pressure is not strong enough to move it all through the pipes effectively. That means it builds up. Plus, there are toxins present in cat waste that can make your family sick if it gets into your water system.

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