Three Common Problems That Require Professional Sewer Cleaning In Lincoln NE

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Plumbing

Sewer issues are often a mystery to individuals. Since the pipes are underground, it’s difficult for homeowners to determine the problem themselves. Read the information below to learn about three common sewer problems that require homeowners to schedule a Sewer Cleaning in Lincoln NE with a professional company.

Tree Roots Are Obstructing The Sewer Pipes

One of the most common sewer problems that homeowners face is tree roots growing inside the sewer pipes. As the roots continue to grow inside the pipes, they’ll eventually cause an obstruction. When this happens, the sewage will no longer be able to flow through the pipes into the septic tank and instead it can back up into the house.

Tree roots are known to extend to a length of up to three times the width of the top section of the tree. Due to the long roots of a tree, they can easily reach the pipes even if the tree isn’t planted in close proximity to the sewer line. Since the tree roots get an enormous amount of water and nutrients from the sewer pipes, they grow at an exceptionally fast rate.

Sewer Pipes Are Damaged Or Broken

Many years ago, clay was the material of choice for sewer pipes and some homeowners may still have this type of material used in their sewer. Clay pipes can easily become cracked if a heavy vehicle is driven on the ground above the buried pipes. Clay can also become weak and start to corrode underground.

For the past several years, homeowners have started relying on plastic PVC piping for their sewer lines. While this material isn’t as fragile as clay, the joints must be securely glued together during installation to avoid seepage.

Non-Flushables Have Been Flushed Down The Toilet

Sometimes individuals cause their sewer problems themselves by flushing the wrong items down the toilet. Items such as baby wipes, paper towels, food and cat litter can cause the sewer pipes to clog and homeowners will then need to schedule a Sewer Cleaning in Lincoln NE. To prevent sewer clogs caused by foreign objects, toilet paper is the only item that individuals should flush down the toilet.

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