Tools Used in Professional Drain Cleaning in Lower Merion

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Plumbing

Clogged drains are arguably one of the most common plumbing problems faced by today’s homeowners, and this issue can be extremely frustrating. Many homeowners resort to repeatedly using chemical drain cleaners, which can cause lasting damage to pipes and rarely provides a permanent solution. Instead, consider hiring a professional plumber who has access to adequate tools for efficient Drain Cleaning in Lower Merion such as those described below.

Plumbers Snakes

Snakes are a flexible tool used for cleaning drains of all kinds. These long, wire tubes can be used to push through the blockages that are causing repeated clogs, helping to restore normal water flow. Plumbers snakes are commercially available to homeowners themselves, although they may be difficult to use without adequate training.

Specialized Augers

Augers can be used in conjunction with plumbers snakes to grab and remove any small objects that may be obstructing water flow such as jewelry and small toys. They feature either a hook or a loop at their end, making it easy to grab obstructions and pull them out.

Drum Machines

Electric drum machines deliver high-torque water to sink lines to propel obstructions through. They are used for clearing both hard and soft blockages, including food build-up, grease, sediment, and even tree roots. Drum machines can be used on sink lines between three-quarters of an inch and ten inches in diameter.

Water Jetters

Water jetters vary in PSI and can be powered by either electricity or gas. They are appropriate for the removal of soft blockages like soap, grease, and sludge in sink lines that are up to ten inches in diameter. They come with the added benefit of flushing these sink lines as well, restoring normal function.

Auto-Clean Sink Machines

Some plumbers also choose to use auto-clean sink machines for Drain Cleaning in Lower Merion. These specialized tools feature flexible hoses and cables designed to allow their use in either large or small pipes. They can even be used to remove soft blockages in tub and shower drains.

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