Top Signs That Indicate You Need to Get Sewer Repair in Rock Hill, SC

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Plumbing

Many homeowners try to handle plumbing issues on their own. However, a seemingly minor plumbing issue doesn’t always have an easy fix. The problem may be caused by your sewer. There are several signs that indicate you need sewer repair in Rock Hill, SC.

Your Toilet Bowl Water Level Is Inconsistent

Your toilet bowl may be full one day. The next day it may not have any water. This may indicate that you have a clog in your sewer. If you do not get this problem fixed, then your sewer may back up.

More Rodents Are in Your Yard

If you have more rodents in your yard than usual, then you may have a clog in your sewer. The rodents may be attracted to the smell that is coming from your sewer.

You Smell Sewage

You may notice a foul smell when you go outside if there is a clog in your sewer. You may also notice this smell when you go in your basement. It is not normal for your sewer to smell. A foul smell is a sign that your sewer needs to be worked on right away.

Your Yard Resembles a Swamp

If your yard is wet, then this may be caused by an issue with your sewer. The sogginess may be caused by a leak from your sewer line. Leaks will continue to get worse if they are not fixed.

Rising Water Bills

If your water bill is increasing, then you may take measures to reduce your water usage. For example, you may reduce the number of laundry loads that you use. You may also take shorter showers. However, if you have a leak in your sewer, then the water bill will continue to rise.

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