Understanding Water Main Repair in Alexandria VA

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Plumbing

Plumbing problems aren’t uncommon. In some cases, homeowners can easily fix their plumbing without having to spend any money on hiring a plumber. After all, it doesn’t take much to plunge a toilet or clean out a drain trap. But when a problem is more serious, hiring a plumber can’t be avoided.

What Is A Water Main?

Before a homeowner understands water main repair in Alexandria, VA , they have to know what water main is. A water main is the main pipe that brings water into a home. Property will have both a private water main and a public water main. The city is responsible for fixing the public main. A water main shouldn’t be mixed up with a property’s sewer line. The sewer line is the pipe that takes water that has been used out of a home.

Common Issues With Water Mains

So what causes the need for water main repair in Alexandria, VA? As a water main ages, it is more likely to suffer from corrosion. That’s when it can develop cracks in it that can cause problems. Since water mains are under and extreme amount of pressure, any holes or cracks in them can lead to water gushing out. A hole can also lead to contaminants getting inside the pipe. That’s why the water from a compromised water main shouldn’t be used. Business Name can fix broken water mains.

What Should A Homeowner Do?

When there is a known problem with a water main, a homeowner will have to shut off the home’s water supply. The shutoff valve is usually located in a home’s basement. If a homeowner can’t locate their shutoff valve, a plumber can do it for them. After the supply of water is stopped, a plumber should be called. A plumber can determine whether there is an issue with the private or public line. Lines that are over five decades old should be replaced. If a person is constantly having problems with their main, it’s time for a replacement.

A plumber can quickly get to the bottom of any water main problem. This is not an issue homeowners should troubleshoot themselves.

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