3 Signs It’s Time to Call for Bathtub Repair in Charleston, SC

by | May 11, 2016 | Plumbing

A tub is an important part of any home. When the tub isn’t working well or doesn’t quite look right, people take notice and homeowners want to get the situation taken care of as soon as possible. For some, replacement is the answer. But for those who already have a great tub that just needs a little extra attention, Bathtub Repair in Charleston SC might be the best solution. Here are three signs that it might be time to bring in a professional to take a look at the tub.

Water Isn’t Draining or Drains Constantly

There’s no point in spending time in the tub if there is a problem with the water. Sometimes the drain isn’t working and water sits on the surface of the tub with nowhere to go. It might take a really long time for all of the water to disappear. This could be a sign that there is a clog in the drain. On the other hand, the tub might constantly be losing water, even when the plug is in use. In these situations, it is important to have the tub stopper and the mechanism examined to see what might be going wrong.

Chips or Deep Scratches on the Surface

While porcelain tubs last a long time, they can be the victim of chips and scratches. Most people may not take note of the smaller problems, but larger chips and deeper scratches take away from the appearance of the tub. It can also make it seem like the tub is constantly dirty. Sometimes a person will keep looking to wipe off the surface only to find that it is just a chip. To help the appearance of the tub, contact a professional for Bathtub Repair in Charleston SC. It is possible to fix these issues and give the tub a new look.

Tub is Rough to the Touch and Difficult to Clean

There are times when it takes a little elbow grease in order to clean up the bathroom. But what happens when the tub is really tough to clean and it’s rough to the touch? While some might think about replacing the tub, it is possible to resurface the tub, making it look brand new again. Contact¬†Preferred Home Services for more information about bathtub refinishing.

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