Avoid the Need for Emergency Drain Cleaning in Nederland TX by Flushing Items Carefully

Most women have been into a public bathroom with a sign that reads: “Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper”. While those instructions seem straightforward, it’s still confusing, because some products are billed as being “flushable”. A sewer line backup is never a pleasant experience, but most of the problems that cause these backups are preventable with Drain Cleaning in Nederland TX.

Root Overgrowth and Intrusion

Trees in the yard (or in a neighbor’s yard) can easily grow into a sewer line, particularly at the joints. A tree’s roots act as a strainer, grabbing debris and letting water flow through. That’s why it’s important to flush carefully; anything that doesn’t break down easily may get caught up in tree roots. In the sections below, homeowners will learn more about what to flush (and what to avoid).

Toilet Tissue

All types of toilet paper are designed to quickly break down in a septic or sewer system. Ultra and plush toilet papers may take longer to break apart, and they don’t pass as quickly through the sewer lines. Add tree roots and it’s easy to see why toilet paper selection is so important.


Tampons and their applicators should not be flushed. Though they’re small enough to pass through sewer lines, they don’t dissolve as paper does. Simply wrap them in toilet paper and put them in the trash to prevent nasty clogs.

Other Items

Numerous other items are advertised as being flushable, but in reality, they can cause severe problems in a home’s sewer lines. Paper towels and wipes are two such items. They’re both made of paper, so they’ll dissolve, but they do so slowly. To avoid sewer clogs and the need for emergency Drain Cleaning in Nederland TX, don’t flush them. Items like cotton balls and dental floss shouldn’t be flushed, either. If it can go into the trash can, it’s better to put it there than to flush it.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether a product is sold as “flushable”, it’s important to flush only toilet paper and waste. Anything else may create a messy backup and unnecessary frustration. If clogs and backups are recurrent, ask a sewer line expert, what can be done to reduce them. Call Larry’s Plumbing Company Inc. for more information or to schedule drain cleaning service.

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