Myths About Leak Detection Services In Bradenton, FL

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Plumbing

The use of technology has expanded into almost all industries, and it is undoubtedly a big part in the services offered by top leak detection companies in the Bradenton, FL area.

Early detection of leaks in plumbing systems in homes, water intrusion into the home, and leaks in the slab of the home or a commercial property saves money. This can include limiting the impact on water bills for water lines coming into the home or business, but also in the damage that water can cause to the foundation, the interior and the exterior of any building.

Sometimes, homeowners may not call in leak detection services in Bradenton, FL due to a misunderstanding of how these companies operated using technology. Addressing these myths and providing the correct information makes it easier for homeowners to see the value of these services.

Myth: Leak detection is costly and inaccurate

The use of sound waves and specialized listening devices can identify the area of the leak with high levels of accuracy. With the different sound produced from the sound waves bouncing of intact and damaged pipes, professionals experienced with the technology can pinpoint just where the leak is happening, allowing your plumbing or sewer repair professionals to know where to begin digging or working.

In most cases, finding the leak takes less than two hours, even if visible signs of a leak are not immediately evident in the building or in the landscaping.

Myth: Finding leaks requires drilling, digging and excavating your yard

Using the technology of sound waves eliminates the need for drilling, digging, and excavating the yard. Not only does this save time and money, but it allows the property owner to use proactive testing to ensure there are no leaks in older pipelines and systems.

Depending on the age of the pipes and plumbing system, and if there are any signs of leaks, calling in a Bradenton, FL to look for leaks can be an effective way to avoid high water bills and repair costs.

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