Being Able to Wash Your Hands Will Change Public Restroom Use

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Plumbing

A mobile hand washing station is an ingenious product. There are so many times we are out at different events such as festivals, tailgating, carnivals, and you just need to wash your hands. If you incorporate children into that equation the number of times you need a sink and one is not around, probably doubles if not quadruples depending on the number of children. Many of the major companies who produce hand sanitizer have gone to great lengths through advertising to make us believe that a little hand sanitizer is all you need, but the truth of the matter is we need to wash our hands after many occasions to stop the spread of germs. The obvious solution is the mobile hand washing station.

Great for the Cold Months

A mobile hand washing station is great for the winter months. Everybody knows germs, bacteria, and viruses are lurking just waiting to get someone sick during the winter time. There is always an extra layer or two of protection, from clothes to vitamin C intake, recommended during the cold months. It has been proven that more people get sick during the winter months, so it is imperative we wash our hands more often. Some may think that there are not many outdoor activities during the winter, but that all depends on where you live. One of the biggest nights during the winter is New Year’s Eve. In New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Atlanta there are probably hundreds of thousands of people who wish there was a mobile hand washing station available for all the things and people they may touch and all the people who touch them.

The Possibilities and Scenarios are Endless

Summertime, wintertime, year round, and all the time best describes the need for mobile hand washing stations. Adults could use them anywhere there is a portable toilet. People who work on the roads and construction workers deserve to wash their hands while working on our countries infrastructure and buildings. People who go to the park to bar b q or celebrate birthdays would love for there to be a mobile sink around. The advantages are not just sanitation and cleanliness, but also convenience. Rinsing a knife or cleaning up a cut or scrape is easier simple because water and soap are available.

Thirty years ago hand sanitizer was not used the way it is today. People appreciate the ability to pull out their mobile hand sanitizer before they eat and when they leave a public bathroom. Imagine how you would feel if you could wash your hands after you used the porta-potty at a festival or before you ate at the local fair. It would change the way we used public facilities forever just like hand sanitizer did.

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