Contact A Plumber For Tub Repairs in Lower Merion

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Plumbing

Leaky faucets and pipes are not always noticeable until the problem has become so severe it is showing signs of a long-term leak in other areas of a home. These leaks can present as stains on the ceiling below the bathroom where the tub is leaking or around the outside of the tub on the walls outside the tub. Mold will start to develop, and the drywall will begin to crumble to the touch. A Tubs Repair in Lower Merion can help to fix the leak and prevent further damage.

Plumbers can fix problems big and small, but getting the job done right is the difference between having the issue come back later or corrected from the beginning. When it comes to Tubs Repair in Lower Merion finding, where the leak is originating, from can pose a problem. Many times the pipes that are leaking are behind the tub surround and challenging to reach if a person does not know what they are doing. There is also potential to ruin tiles and drywall if an inexperienced person tries to make the repairs without knowledge of how to handle the situation.

Pipes and faucets are designed to create an airtight seal when shut off to control the pressure that forces water through them when turned on. These seals over time break down and need to be replaced to ensure that they do not leak. An ongoing leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage to other areas, and make a bathroom unusable. Leaks that have gone unnoticed until it is too late can weaken floor joists under the tub and cause water to leak through the ceiling. These damages are what cost homeowners more when a plumber comes in to fix the problem. Old pipes can loosen over time making their connection points leak causing corrosion, and people should consider replacing them with Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes (PVC). These tubes handle extremes in temperatures and do not contain lead, or other harmful deposits that can cause health problems.

Plumbing leaks are tough to figure out when they occur and can be quite destructive if not corrected quickly. Homeowners benefit from contacting a skilled plumber who can diagnose and replace bad faucets and pipes before it is too late. Have a leak? To find a plumber, contact us today.

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