Don’t Let Drains Be a Drain on Your Home

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Plumbing

When you start thinking about what parts of your home need a maintenance inspection, drains probably aren’t the first thing on your mind. A drain inspection is far less stimulating than, say, a window inspection or siding maintenance. But Skokie plumbers know that routine cleanings of your home’s drains are very important for the overall integrity of your home’s pipes. Take a tour of your home by way of its drains and see how important these inspections are.

The Bathroom

If you’ve ever had problems before with a drain in your home, it probably happened in the bathroom. There are just so many things that get washed down the drain that can pose a potential threat to your plumbing. Hair and soap create nasty blockages within the pipes that need to be removed. The most common fix for blockages in the bathroom sink, tub, or shower is a process called rodding. Just as the name suggests, the process involves inserting a mostly inflexible rod into the pipe and either pushing the blockage out of the way, or getting the obstruction stuck on the end of the rod so it can be pulled out. The whole experience is much messier than having your windows looked at, but it is just as essential to the smooth running of your home’s systems.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen sink is as susceptible to blockage as your bathroom sink is, but for different reasons. Just like in the bathroom, soap scum is an obstacle, but food waste enters the fray when the kitchen is involved. The toughest food product to clean out is grease, since the slippery substance often falls right back into place after a rod pokes through the blockage. To combat this, Skokie plumbers may make use of hydro-jetting technology to blast through grease blockage. The older the grease is and the longer amount of time it has to build up, the harder it is to remove, so schedule your drain cleaning soon.

The Laundry Room

You may not think of your laundry room as posing a problem in terms of drain blockage, but laundry lines can become obstructed by lint and dirt from the clothes you wash. Though you could use this as a way to get your kids to keep their clothes cleaner, the real solution is to have your drains inspected, maintained, and cleaned on a regular basis.

Drain cleaning certainly isn’t as sexy as other home maintenance regimens, but Skokie plumbers will let you know how important it is to the health of your home’s plumbing.

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