Eliminate Drain Problems Using Sewer Cleaning Services in Skokie

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Plumbing

A blocked sewer line can cause a lot of problems from slow flowing drains to waste sewage backing up into the building. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that this can occur such as a clogged pipe trap or a blockage in the main sewer lines. The solution to most of these issues is Sewer Cleaning Services in Skokie. However, the type of sewer cleaning required will depend on the sort of blockage. For example, cleaning the pipe traps usually requires that they are temporarily removed for easier access. Many blockages occur in the main sewer line that connects the building to the municipal system or septic tank. This happens because the sewer is a low-pressure system and there may be times when the waste barely moves. This can allow sludge and solids such as paper to accumulate or snag inside the pipes.

Once a clog begins, it continues to build until something removes it. Sewer Cleaning Services in Skokie usually eliminate this problem with hydro-jetting systems. That is, the pipes are cleaned by high-pressure spraying that scours away the waste. This may be necessary when eliminating a clog, but it can also be used for other plumbing services. One reason that the sewer lines can clog is an accumulation of roots inside the pipe. Plant roots tend to seek water wherever it may be found and an opening in a sewer line offers easy access to both water and a source of food. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems because the roots will force the opening to spread and they can block the flow of waste. It isn’t always possible to see this issue until the plumber can clean the pipe because the clog may appear as a solid lump of waste.

One concern with sewer cleaning is the way that the plumber must access the pipes. Most modern systems have a vent that provides access, but the plumber may need to dig a bit for older installations. This is a bit different from when they use a rooter to eliminate a blockage because they cannot remove the toilet for hydro-jetting. The resulting mess would not be worth the trouble. If this is an issue when the pipes are being cleaned, then the contractor may suggest the installation of an access vent as part of the job. Learn more about sewer line cleaning from the experts at https://northcoastplumbing.us.

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