Enjoy Hot Baths and Clean Clothes With Professional Water Heaters Repair in Mclean

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Plumbing

Most families depend on the water heater because it is an important tool for hygiene and household cleaning chores. Unfortunately, people tend to forget about this useful appliance until something on it fails. This can turn into an expensive problem because there are many reasons a water heater may break down. For example, tank-based units can corrode, and this may lead to serious leaks. A leaking tank could ruin floors and walls by letting the hot liquid escape. Water heaters repair in Mclean can help by replacing that damaged appliance.

One kind of water heater that has become extremely popular is the inline system. Inline water heaters are also known as a flash or tankless system. This appliance can be purchased as a whole-house system or one that supplies heated water to individual rooms. The main differences are the units’ sizes and the amount of hot water they produce. Flash systems rapidly heat small amounts of water in a tiny chamber made of metals such as copper or any alloy that is capable of transferring heat very quickly. They can use electrical resistance to generate the hot water or the combustion of a fuel such as propane or natural gas.

Inline water heaters can have issues just like the tank-based system. For instance, the electric model can fail when the element burns out. However, one of the more common issues with these appliances is damaged electronics. A failing circuit board will cause the unit to require professional water heaters repair in Mclean. Other reasons the inline system might become a problem are leaks inside the cabinet. Poor seals or excess pressure could result in water leaking from the system.

The best thing any property owner can do to extend the life of a water heater is to have experienced plumbers like those found at Business Name service the device. Regular water heater service should include testing the electronics and flushing any scale out of the tank. The scale is the result of mineral deposits collecting inside the tank and is caused by hard water. Flushing the tank on an annual basis should remove most of these deposits. Scale removal is really important on gas systems because it inhibits thermal transfer.

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