5 Ways to Avoid the Need for Emergency Furnace Repair Service in Washington NJ

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

During the winter, the furnace is the key to home comfort. While the homeowner may not think of it every day, a furnace failure is a definite attention-getter. With regular Furnace Repair Service in Washington NJ, downtime will occur less frequently, and the furnace can have a long, healthy life. Below are a few things homeowners can do to maintain a furnace year-round.

Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Changing the air filter is an easy, inexpensive way to keep the furnace running smoothly. Filters should be changed at least every 90 days, and more often if there’s a lot of dust, dirt or pet dander in the air. A filter is the furnace’s first defense against airborne pollutants, and frequent changes are the best thing to do to protect the investment.

Check the Burners

With the door on the combustion chamber open, inspect the flames within. Flames should be straight and even, without excessive jumping and flickering, and they should be blue in color. If the furnace has yellow flames, it could indicate the need for professional burner cleaning.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Just as people need yearly medical checkups, a furnace needs professional attention. With maintenance service, an HVAC technician with Schaibles Plumbing will inspect and clean the furnace to find leaks, defects, and other problems. A minor issue, if caught early enough, can turn into an inexpensive Furnace Repair Service in Washington NJ. However, if problems are left untreated, they can grow into issues that cost money, decrease system efficiency and shorten the furnace’s lifespan.

Clean the Internal Housing

With the unit turned off, a technician can vacuum the housing and the area around the burners. While some dust is normal, black soot can indicate poor combustion. The tech can vacuum the blower, and he or she can clean the flame sensor and pilot light with emery cloth.

Know When to Call a Pro

Aside from regular maintenance, most homeowners occasionally need furnace repair. Symptoms of a problem can include short-cycling and flame irregularities, which can indicate simple or complex issues. Other signs of trouble include soot, unusual noises, and complaints of illness, which may indicate a high carbon monoxide content in the indoor air. By keeping the unit clean, most of these problems can be avoided.

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