Enjoy Plenty of Hot Baths With Superior Water Heater Repair in Falls Church, VA

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Plumbing

The most common method for heating water uses a storage tank and either natural gas or electrical resistance to do the actual heating. This is possible because the function of the water heater, the heating of H2O, is based on the principle of convection. In other words, heat rises, and it doesn’t matter what medium the heat is in other than affecting the rate of that rise. This is possible in the storage tank unit because it uses an inlet line that delivers the water at the base of the unit. From this point, the external heating system takes over by applying heat to the base of the tank where it can be transferred to the liquid.

There are no parts inside the gas-burning appliance that will need Water Heaters Repair in Falls Church, VA because the heating system is external. The electric model is a little different. It uses one or more electrical heating elements placed directly in the water. These elements are connected to a thermostat that controls the flow of electricity to each one.

A damaged heating element can prevent the water heater from functioning. However, it may be possible for a dual element system to continue operating at a lower level if one of the elements is still functional. Repairing this fault requires the replacement of the damaged element and may also require the thermostat be swapped out as well. To ensure the unit functions as the homeowner expects, the contractor may replace both sets. This should prevent the system from failing any time soon and reduces the need for Water Heaters Repair in Falls Church VA, in the immediate future.

Some water heater components are used for safety purposes. For example, the pressure relief valve is used to ensure that excessive pressure will not build up inside the tank from heating the water. Too much internal pressure could cause the unit to explode and may result in serious damage to the home or its occupants. Another safety system found on the electric unit is an electrical switch that trips if the internal temperature is too high. This issue could develop when a heating element shorts or the thermostat fails to switch off. Testing these safety components is the best way to ensure their functionality. Contact the experts at Business Name for more information.

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