Things Plumbing Contractors in Weatherford TX Want Customers to Know

Most people take their homes’ plumbing for granted, and it’s easy to do as long as things are working properly. However, to avoid serious issues, it’s good for homeowners to learn about home plumbing. Below are several things to know about residential plumbing systems.

The Sink Trap: It’s Not for Catching Dropped Earrings

Although it’s a wonderful side benefit, this isn’t the sink trap’s intended use. Drains are connected to sewers (or septic systems), which means that poisonous gases may be able to get into the home. These gases can cause sickness, and some are potentially explosive. Sink traps hold water that keeps these gases from passing through, and they also keep sewer-dwelling creatures from getting into the home.

Water Seals May Evaporate

If there’s a bathroom in the home that isn’t used often, the water in the sink trap may evaporate, allowing gases into the home. If such a thing happens, the homeowner should call Plumbing Contractors in Weatherford TX out to put in a trap primer, which recreates the water seal.

Pipes on the Roof are Plumbing Vents

When one inserts a straw into a drink and puts a finger over the straw before withdrawing it, the liquid stays inside the straw. Plumbing vents allow air into the system, allowing water to flow through the pipes and encouraging quick drainage.

Water Heaters Need Maintenance

Many homeowners delay maintenance on plumbing equipment, even when they know it’s necessary. Water heater tanks can fill with sediment, anode rods can deteriorate, elements can burn out and pressure relief valves can fail. Yearly inspections and cleanings by a plumber can keep the heater running as it should, prolonging its life.

Save Money With the Toilet

An old, inefficient toilet typically uses up to five gallons with each flush. The EPA estimates that toilet flushing accounts for more than 25% of residential water use. Hiring Ace Repair Plumbing to install high-efficiency toilets can save thousands over the unit’s life.

Many people believe stereotypes about plumbers and jokes about “plumber’s crack” continually make the rounds. Plumbers actually provide an important service, draining waste, protecting homeowners from poisonous gases and providing proper ventilation. By hiring Plumbing Contractors in Weatherford TX, the customer can reap the benefits.

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