Tips For Using Well Water Pumps And Getting Water Pump Repair In Bellingham WA

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Plumbing

Homes that are located outside the main residential area of a city often get their water from a well rather than the city’s water supply. Since well water comes from under the ground, many people feel that the water is cleaner and better tasting than water that has been treated with added chemicals. However, well owners need to test their water on a regular basis to make sure that it is free from contaminants. In addition, wells require maintenance and repairs, including Water Pump Repair in Bellingham WA.

The traditional image of a well includes a bucket on a rope and a crank for raising and lowering it. Fortunately modern wells eliminate the need to haul buckets by pumping water directly into a house’s plumbing system. The most common type of pump used for shallow wells is a jet pump that is mounted above the ground. It uses suction to draw the water up from the ground, and it depends on atmospheric pressure. It works well to a depth of 25 feet. Deeper wells also use a jet pump, but it rests ten to twenty feet below the water level. Both types of pumps turn on and off in response to pressure inside a water storage tank.

One of the most common signs of water pump failure is a marked decrease in water pressure. Other problems to watch out for include air spitting out of a faucet, water that doesn’t look clean, unusual sounds coming from the pipes, and an electricity bill that is significantly higher than normal. The most common repairs for a water pump include replacing the water storage tank and replacing the pressure switch inside the tank. The pressure switch tells the pump when it needs to supply more water and when it needs to shut off.

If repairs and maintenance are not attended to, the well owner could face a much more expensive water pump replacement. Aboveground pumps tend to be replaced more frequently than submersible pumps, which can last for up to 25 years. For more information about Water Pump Repair in Bellingham WA from a professional with over 50 years of experience, visit  or their Facebook for more information.

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